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What is it? (Russian version)

Drawing on the Right side of the Brain is an intensive method of teaching drawing, building artistic confidence, and gaining access to the creative part of the mind. Developed by American art teacher Dr. Betty Edwards, it is based on Nobel-prize-winning brain research by psychobiologist Dr. Roger Sperry.

Over the years, the original semester of study has been refined and condensed into 5 intense days. This means that the basic course begins on Monday morning and ends on Friday afternoon.

Does it work?

Have a look for yourself: the drawing on the left of each pair was done on Monday before instruction began, and the one on the right, by the same student on Friday, five days later (Click on the small pictures to see them up close). I taught this particular course in Sweden in 1999 and 2000.

These are Mikke's Drawings, Monday and Friday: Mikke, Monday & Friday Drawings

These are Anna's, Monday and Friday: Anna, Monday & Friday Drawings

And these are Patrick's, Monday and Friday: Patrick, Monday & Friday Drawings


How does it work?

The insights Dr. Edwards gained from Dr. Sperry's work pointed to the fact that the right hemisphere of the brain has a sense of space, patterns, and creativity, and draws well naturally. The left hemisphere senses language, logic and symbols, cannot draw realistically at all.

It often happens that the dominant left hemisphere interferes with the right's attempts to draw, in which case the person considers himself "non-artistic." In the Drawing on the right Side of the Brain class, we present exercises that the left will refuse. This frees the right to go ahead and draw.


What does one learn in the class?

Once access to the creative right hemisphere is established, we teach the 5 basic perceptual skills that are the basis of all drawing:

The perception of Edges

The perception of Space

The perception of Relative Angles and Proportions

The perception of Light and Shadow

The perception of the Whole


More information

The latest edition of Betty Edwards' book, Drawing on the Right side of the Brain: It's all here. The original edition was a ground-breaking revelation in the field of art education. This newest edition is expanded and includes refinements developed over two decades by Betty and her associates.

The Sculpture Sequel

Often, my version of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain does not stop with drawing, but continues on to 3 dimensions. In Alaska, Finland, Sweden and Russia, I have followed Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain with a class in Sculpture: clay, ice, or both. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain opens the student's eyes, teaches how to See Forms in Space. Then they can sculpt, amazingly well. Click on this small picture to go to a page on the sculpture results from the Swedish and Russian classes:

First Sculpture


I was taught and certified by Betty Edwards to teach the course. Among my colleagues with that certification, is Kristin Newton, whose wonderful website shows her enormous success with the method in Japan and Hong Kong.

The official Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain website, www.drawright.com:
This site includes class schedules with other certified teachers and Betty Edwards herself.

My Class Schedules: Where and when you can take a class with me.


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