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I have been fascinated with the process of making bronze sculpture ever since I read Benvenuto Cellini's account of the casting of his "Perseus". It took place on a dark and stormy night in Florence, during the Renaissance. There were good guys, villains, explosions, fires, heart-stopping suspense, and a happy ending. I got to see the Perseus myself in Florence when I first visited in 1962. It was only after another 10 years and a move to Alaska that I built my own melt furnace for bronze, so I could experience that excitement of creation. Now, I do not cast my own bronzes, but let the experts at Artworks Foundry in Berkeley do that job.

Bronze sculptures can be made one-of-a-kind, but are usually cast as Limited Editions, as mine are. All of the bronzes on this page still have available copies. Please feel free to ask me any questions about them or the process. You may click on the small pictures here to see larger versions, and on Jerry for more details.


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"Jerry Garcia"

This bronze portrait of the late lead singer of the band Grateful Dead is available in two sizes: 14 inches high, which is "coffee-table" size, and 22 inches high, which is much larger, having a massive presence too big for a small room. Click on the picture for the story.

14" high: Edition of 100, price $2,900

22" high: Edition of 20, price $12,000

"Jerry Garcia"


9" (23cm) high. Lifesize for an old-timer, king of the pond. Edition of 20.

Price: $500

Approved by the Estate of Jerome J. Garcia


4 inches (10cm) long, life size. Edition of 20.



This Grizzly scratching his back on a stump was modeled from life in Denali National Park. 9" (23cm) high, not including base. Edition: 20

Price: $1,200

"Long Time Together"

This Eskimo couple, (sold only as a pair, of course) is about 3/4 life size, standing 9 inches (23cm) high. Edition of 20.

Price: $3,000

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