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Stone is a Good Material. The picture below left is the granite "Voscresenie", done in 2000. It is in the open-air sculpture park surrounding the new Tretyakov gallery in Moscow, Russia.

Directly below is my 2002 granite "Dreaming", done at Nord School in Hedenaset, Sweden.

My sculpture styles range from realism through "softened realism" and semi-abstract to abstract. But always, they are based on some object or person or gesture or other aspect of human experience.Two companion sculptures done in different years in Aubazine, France reflect an abstract approach.

The Solomon Ratner monument in Moscow's Novodeviche Cemetary (lower right) is realism through illusion: it is a bas-relief 3/4-view portrait.

"Voskresenie" (Resurrection)
Granite 140cm (55")
Moscow, Russia


Granite 90cm (36")

Hedenaset, Sweden

Graniter and air sculpture in France
A granite and air sculpture in Alsace, France
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Ratner S B

Bas-relief portrait, Novodeviche Cemetary, Moscow, Russia

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"Amused", cast stone sculpture
Cast Stone
22" (56cm)


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Jardin de Sculptures

Stone and Steel in Aubazine, France

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