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The Snow Sculptures
With my wife Luda, and her daughter Sasha, I have taken part in Snow sculpture competitions in Varkaus, Finland; Grindelwald, Switzerland; and Nayoro, Japan.

"Stop Pushing"
1st Place, Varkaus, Finland, Dec. 2000
Luda's sculpture with partner Timo Koivisto

Varkaus, Finland Dec2000

Done with partner Sasha Groznaya

"A Tender Strength"
[bison with calf]

Nayoro, Japan, 2002
Team: Luda & Sasha

"Breaking Through"
Grindelwald, Switzerland 2002
Team: Luda & Sasha

"World Dance"
Grindelwald, Switzerland 2003
Team: Luda, Sasha and Luda's sister Galya

These four visitors reacted to our sculpture by putting down their beers and joining the dance


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