La Sculpture Composee
In the Summer of '98, these three "Musqueteers" (from left, Maurice Perrin, granitier; Francis Cuny, sculptor; and I) conspired and collaborated to produce a Work of Art for the Les Vosges "Fete de Granit" on the border of Alsace, France. The smug looks are because we kept everyone in the dark about the project right up to the Sunday unveiling.
I conceived the idea of a sculpture consisting of 3 abstract parts that would align into a figure from only one special viewpoint. Francis produced the design itself (in about 5 seconds on Tuesday), Maurice roughed in the blocks of granite for me on Wednesday, and I carved them . We installed on Saturday and unveiled Sunday at noon.
Here to the right you see the figure, Francis' drawing. Note the granite "head" fastened to the hillside behind me.That's the first abstract shape. The other two are in the photo below, separated by about six meters (19 feet) See the stone on which Francis is resting his hand?

Viewed from that stone, the abstract shapes line up like this (below):

And when you look through a hole in that stone (the viewpoint), you see this (below):

The stone on the left is six meters away from the viewpoint, the one on the right, 12 meters, and the head on the hillside, 24 meters.

The stone with the hole in it was already there: it was Francis' sculpture from the 1997 Fete de Granit. So we gave his old sculpture a new dimension - without changing it.

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