Jardin de Sculptures*, Aubazine , France

The foreground granite and steel sculpture is "Embrace", done at the 1999 Jardin. Its companion, steel and granite "Le Cadeau" (The Gift) was done at the 2001 Jardin. They dance together in a field above the village at the site of the prehistoric Dolmen.

I participated in the original 1997 Jardin de Sculptures almost by accident, only learning of the event a week or two before it started. That year, I carved a 2-meter pine log. The Jardin's organizers expanded to other materials in the next two editions, and I chose stone where I could.


*Garden of Sculptures, the name of the village of Aubazine's biennial sculpture symposium.

This photo shows "Le Cadeau" before it was allowed to rust till it matched the steel band of "Embrace".
The graceful curves inherent in sheet steel are intriguing, potentially coquettish...
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