Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
for Sculptors

I originally got myself certified to teach Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain in order to better teach sculpture. This was because sometimes I found that a student simply could not see the form in front of him or her, due to some sort of mental block. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain not only teaches one to See, it teaches one to tap into the creativity waiting there to be used.

These photos are first attempts at sculpture of students at Nordkalotten Stiftelsen Utbildning, (Nord School for short), a trade school in northern Sweden, in 2000. Click on the small pictures to see enlargements.

Portrait HeadPortrait HeadPortrait headPortrait headPortrait HeadPortrait headPortrait head

In this picture of the exhibition following the class, the little girl on the left is looking at her mother's portrait of her.


In Moscow, Russia, in May 2001, I taught an Advanced course which included advanced drawing techniques and a weekend of sculpture, similar to the course in Sweden. The students were from three previous basic Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain courses. Their results were on the same high level. Here are some samples:

Ludmila's sculptureAndrei HeadEli Head

Click on them to look closer

During 2004, in Moscow and St. Petersburg I have taught several weekend sculpture courses. Here are some samples from those courses:

Ludmila's GiacondaLudmila's DavidNatasha Obukhova's sculptureTanya's first clay sculptureMaria Dremina's sculptureMaria Groznaya's third clay sculpture

Back at Nord School in March and April 2002, after the basic course of Right Brain Drawing, the class proceeded to figures in clay. These results are at approxomately 3 weeks after the beginning of instruction. Like the other examples shown here, they are first-time sculptures. They are not independant work, of course, they are coached. But they are the work of students who have just completed the basic Right Brain Drawing course, and who have just learned to see as artists.

Marita Nordstrom sculpture Hilkka Kauvosaari sculptureSonja Sundberg's sculptureTom Eitran sculpture

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